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Chiang Mai Citylife online. News, classifieds and events listings. Interesting articles.
A general purpose site with a lot of useful information. http://www.chiangmai-mail.com/
Online version of the city's first English-language newspaper.
Maker of popular maps for the City. Other travel tips.
Online site for Chiang Mai from the worldwide leader in travel books.

Thailand's northern city of Chiang Mai, has a striking mountain backdrop, over 300 temples and a historical aura. It's also a modern, friendly, internationally-flavoured city with much to offer the visitor-food, accommodation and shopping are all top quality and cheap. Visitors to Chiang Mai often stay longer than planned, simply because the atmosphere is so relaxing, the facilities cheap and the options for entertainment and activity numerous.

For what to do during your stay, talk to us or pick up some information at one of the many tour operators around town. There is large variety of activities to keep you busy and sight seeing is perhaps the most popular, with numerous exquisite temples as well as historic ruins in this 700-year-old city. Another source on activities for tourists are numerous local magazines that are freely available, such as Guidelines, Good Morning Chiang Mai and Citylife.

Some activities include shopping, with great deals to be had at the famous night bazaar. By day you can visit the handicraft centres at San Kamphaeng, Borsang and Baan Tawai. There are many opportunities to explore the surrounding landscape through hiking, biking, rafting, or even on the back of an elephant. Or you can learn how to cook delicious Thai food, study Thai massage, or to enter into a meditation retreat at selected temples.

Local Climate
Cool Season (late October to end of February):
average temperature 21C and much cooler at night. Coldest in December and January.
Hot Season (early March to end of May):
Average temperature 29.9C. The hottest month is April.
Rainy Season (early June to end of October):
Average temperature 25.5C. The wettest month is September.

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